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Petroglyph Press publishes a line of Hawaiiana books which are 100% "Made in Hawaii." From design and composition through binding and distribution, these books are "local style."

A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands Enchanting Creatures of Hawaii Island Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes Hilo Legends Hina - The Goddess I'A Sea Life Coloring Book
'Iwa: The Hawaiian Legend Joys of Hawaiian Cooking Kanehunamoku coloring book Kona Legends The Life and Times of Kamehameha Legends of Maui, the demigod
Maui, Mischievous Hero Pele, Volcano Goddess Pele and Hi'iaka, A Tale of Two Sisters Petroglyphs of Hawaii Plants of Hawai'i - How to Grow Them Practical Folk Medicine of Hawaii
Stars Over Hawaii The Story of Lauhala Tropical Organic Gardening - Hawaiian Style
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