Hina: The Goddess

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Hina and infant Maui

The Birth of Maui

The goddess Hina gave birth to Maui the demigod. She mysteriously conceived the child after wearing a red malo or loincloth which she found on the beach.

Soon after Maui was born Hina cut off a lock of her hair, wrapped the boy in it and took him to the sea. She made a bed of limu kala and set the child on it. A great jellyfish supported the boy from beneath. Maui moved slowly out to sea accompanied by vast schools of fishes and great flocks of seabirds. This was the beginning of his journey to Kuaihelani, the land of the ancestral gods Kane and Kanaloa.

At Kuaihelani Maui acquired his many skills and powers. He returned to our world and performed many incredible and beneficial feats for his people. For his mother Hina, Maui performed his greatest feat of all. He slowed the sun to make the days longer.

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