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Palila and Hina


The boy, Palila, was born to Hina's daughter Mahinui. Palila was not an ordinary birth, he was born as a short piece of sennit cord. The puzzled parents tossed the curious cord onto their rubbish heap and left it there.

When Hina, the grandmother, came by to ask about her grandson Mahinui told her about the piece of cord. Hina went straight to the rubbish heap and searched until she found the length of cord. She hurried home with the cord and wrapped it in some clean white kapa. Hina wrapped this bundle three more times until it miraculously took the shape of a boy child. She named him Palila.

As grandmothers did in those days Palila was given careful attention. Hina built a special shelf for the child and fitted it with uluhe fern. Palila was fed nothing but bananas until he matured.

Under Hina's care and instruction Palila grew up to be a legendary adventurer and king of Hilo.

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