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Hina with child and lele bananas

Hina, Kamapua'a, and the fish

The goddess Hina is the mother of Kamapua'a, a god who can take the shape of a man or a hog. Kamapua'a would assume either guise to suit the moment or deceive his pursuers. He was constantly involved in conflict.

In one adventure Kamapua'a confronted Hina's fisherman to give him some fresh fish. The fisherman refused the bold request several times. Hina also refused because she did not recognize her own son and thought him dead.

Kamapua'a was red–eyed with anger at not receiving any fish and began a revealing chant which identified him as Hina's son. Hina was stunned at the revelation. She begged forgiveness for not recognizing her son.

But Kamapua'a was in a rage and sat on Hina as she lay prostrate before him. He walked over the others' bodies. Only when Hina finally disrobed and shamed herself in nakedness did Kamapua'a forgive them.

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